Traffic Acquisition

Traffic Acquisition Ego Cogito

Three Questions on your Marketing Efforts

Is your marketing serving the objectives of your online property?
Are you obtaining maximum reach?
Are your marketing costs appropriate?

Ego Cogito Marketing Solution

We use a wide variety of traffic sources – specifically selected for each situation – ranging from Search Engine Marketing (on Google, Yahoo, Bing, to other tailored sources such us Email Marketing, Social Media and what we call Network-Trade Marketing.

Flexibility and tailored solutions are often needed, so we also use many business models according to each traffic source. Some of them are CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL, Registration, Co-Registration, product exchanges, and combinations of them.

Ego Cogito is specialized in identifying the most suitable traffic sources and business models and in measuring the relevant Key Performance Indicators in order to predict or to improve business processes and obtain performance improvements.

Let us assist you in identifying ways to measure the best marketing’ driving forces for your business!
Multi Traffic Acquisition EgoCogito